His Sad Pearls

He came in the dark while they were leaving the movie theater. From the shadows he watched them, worrying while throttling. They were six attractive young people and two of their number were women. Untouchable, unbelievable things all but the women, the women were his problem. He couldn’t bare a pretty woman’s gaze, reminding him of exactly everything he ever wanted.

When one masturbates in the alley, it is rather cruel of his creator to endow him with shame. This was a mechanical release ruined by the reality that there is more in this world. There was more and he couldn’t have it. There were no warm bodies in his future, no exhausted smiles and no connection except the reluctant transactions of those store clerks so unlucky as to deal with him.

He finished in time and they passed him without a look. He was glad for the small mercy of anonymity. In his hand, a substance shined white. For a time he was in awe of it, but he soon realized that it would turn to dirt like everything else.