Mother Ocean Aids And Abets

Mother Ocean I give you a gift. He’s still warm but he will cool. He’s missing pieces but I don’t think you’ll mind being that you’re an ocean and not prone to thought. Please take him soon, the cops are after me and I must not leave his body where anyone can find him. Seeing as though you have thousands of fathoms to hide him in I thought you might help me.

Well fine Mother Ocean, don’t help me. It’s not like I needed you, I’m quite capable of destroying the evidence on my own. Maybe those seagulls will eat him before the cops get to him. Maybe the cops won’t notice him here. Hell, maybe I deserve to get arrested for killing this dickwad. All he did was beat me; all he did was pull a gun on me.

Oh thank you Mother Ocean, I swear I will never dump oil into you.


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