The Lick Of Lust

The story goes that the king loved a wild man and the wild man died. The king was sad and realized that he too could die and set off to amend that unsuccessfully. I abridged the story considerably but one tome that it is recorded in does not. There is a record of it in the book of love along with every other love. My love is in there too and maybe I can find her name.

I’ve searched Craig’s List and deserts and jungles. I’m walking on into the world and my memories of her soft light brown skin. I regress to that yesterday thirty days old, when I was licking up the small of her back tasting the salt of her sweat. She shivered and smiled as I entered her. She purred as I left and sighed as I entered again.

She was the best I ever had. Twenty women after her and I can say that without question. I’ve tasted many nooks and crannies but she was the greatest. Sometimes as I realize that I will soon exhaust my frequent flier miles, it occurs to me that the book might just be the stuff of songs, this worries me greatly.

Other times, I think maybe it was just really good sex but that seems silly.

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  1. solomondutch
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 10:10:14

    A great little piece, the saddest day of a Kings life must be when he realizes he’s mortal!! 😛


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