Amanda West, A Positronic Angel


Subject: Two years is not enough

Two years is not enough. I know it’s been said before but there’s no way that two years is enough. She was our perfect little eight year old girl and you’d think we’d be happy with it but no, we needed more time. Is there a better battery? Can we add more RAM? Is there any tweak we can do to keep her living?

Look, Amanda is my daughter and I know she’s not perfect but we love her. We can’t make our own child, that’s why we bought one from you. We need her to live, we need her to survive past the fifth grade. She loves Social Studies and she’s learning Algebra on her own. She’s so bright and brilliant.


Simon West


Subject: re: Two years is not enough

Please return Amanda to the address listed in the warranty information. She is currently under warranty and we can fix her. You will be reimbursed for shipping. We apologize for any inconvenience or undue stress. Thank you for your correspondence.

Gratefully Yours,

Jared Smith

Autonomous LLC

The lcd cast Jared’s whole workshop in a blue hue. Amanda’s body lied on the bench only a few inches from the laptop, scrapped of all it’s servos and useful parts. The hard drives were faulty on the eights and Mr. Smith had since found a better supplier. He had all the pertinent information to make a new Amanda, all anyone ever really complained about were a couple quirks they held dear. This Amanda would be a thirteen, a less preconscious, more sturdy model. A thirteen can last you your whole life and people quite happy with them seven years after.

Of all the eights he had replaced, no one called him on the cold fact that they were just replacements. All those happy couples were just happy to have a child again. The Wests would more than likely be no different. He had already packed and shipped the new Amanda. All he had to due was email the shipping information.

After that, Jared would get to work on repairing that batch of eighteens. He had the rubber gloves and the disinfectant ready in the corner. So many fluids, such strange places.

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