Stuck In The Thenafter, Soon To Never Be

“My father loves me very much.”

“How long ago was it Charlie?”

“He always loves me.”

“Charlie, he’s gone now. So are you.”

Charlie stared at Linda. His blue eyes were overwhelmed by the light pointed at him. The light pierced his body and continued to the south wall of the attic. He was so young and so long ago.

“My father loves me very much.”

Sometimes you can help them, if they’re of somewhat sound mind. You can sometimes pull them out of their rut and just push them along their way. Sometimes they get stuck and if you’re not careful, you’ll get stuck too.

“I’m leaving Charlie. If you can get out of this attic, find me, we’ll talk.”

She walked down the stairs and out the door. It was spring muddy and new. 10 am and the block was deserted. The house itself was on the market  His moans could still be heard, but by the time she was at her car he had forgotten her. In time, Charlie would just sort of forget to be. That’s how it is with them sometimes. They just up and stop, then it’s like they never were. Back when she started this job, she thought she could help them all. She still tries her best but she knows overall it’s their move.

You can’t ever stop moving. Linda donned her red jacket and put on her happy face. They were still houses to sell.