ASS Vs Vacuum

The vacuum ceased to be and the smoke was overcoming the whole room. Gary’s revolver was still drawn and he was breathing heavily in the aftermath of his first kill. Tabitha, the owner of the vacuum cleaning robot, was still in shock. The sound was  coming back into the room.

“What the hell possessed you to do that?”

“It attacked me.”

“It bumped into you.”

“It attacked me and broke the first law of robotics.”

“It bumped into you.”

“Look the law must be upheld.”

This was true enough but Tabitha was having none of it. Tabitha had loved Automated Sapient Servicemen before but this ASS wasn’t get any preferential treatment. There was little chance of dinner now and nookie was out of the question. She pointed towards the door and slowly he obliged. Sadly, there was little love for those dedicated to their jobs in the 22nd century. Gary left, finally holstering his python as he went.

The switchblade loosened from the vacuum’s death grip and fell to the carpet.