Crushing Heart, Crushed Nose, Bleeding Profusely, Send Help

Velocity was not inclined to prefer Amanda at that very moment. The incline itself was really more inclined to stay steep as geology was and is a slow moving science. Amanda was soon to fall flat on her face even though she was adverse to blood and positively against broken noses. The asphalt had no bias, it was just black, hot and and below Amanda’s bleeding nose. The roller skates would have rather kept moving but issue had been tabled or asphalted. The proper word escaped Amanda along with a low whimpering moan.

Amanda had a new place in the world. It was next to the hoop where all the fifteen year olds go and play. She was one with this new world and nothing was going to force her to shakily get up from the ground. Sadly, there was still the problem of her prince James on his bmx coming closer and closer to see what new trouble had befallen his klutzy just friend. She would be brave in the face of her periodic crush and always friend.

Slowly, she turned over and sat up to greet him. Amanda was in fact too brave. Her candor dripped from the pavement as she professed her love for James. James was awash in horror and the physical act of repulsion. As he stared deep into the savaged landscape of his friends face that ain’t right slowly passed his lips. The ambulance came soon and Amanda was taken from her lover’s vision. She knew he would wait for her outside. She would later attribute such insanity to blood loss, which was true as she would never say it otherwise.

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