ETs Practicing ESL With ESP

We wear the clothes to hide ourselves.

So why do they where the clothes?

They hide themselves as well.

That’s stupid. Why should they want to hide themselves? They’re human.

It is their way.

Their way is bizarre.

True, but I’ve found myself a look and I think it suits me. It’s called grunge.

I’ve been wearing what they call tighty whities and undershirts.

And no one you’ve talked to have called that odd?

Uh, well,

How much have you actually moved your lips in the last four weeks?

A lot if you count chewing.

You know you could actually loose your proficiency in English if you don’t speak it?

But I still think with it everyday, when I’m talking to you.

Yes, but you’ll never get fluent if you don’t talk to other people, other human people.

Why can’t they just think like us?

They lack simpatico frequencies, our sort of connection is very rare here.

That’s so ><!%

Yes, heartbreaking but please in English.

Do they have such a word?

They get by with sadness.

Ah, like how you get by with that baby carrot you call a…

I’m giving you a hand gesture, you don’t know it now but soon you will know it so well that you will be sure that everyone is giving it to you.

Is it like hello?

For you, probably.

Ah good, hello to you too.

Please let me go back to sleep.