Read, Read, Read Against The Light

The words must have been spoken wrong. Maybe the emphasis was off. Maybe this was the wrong spell. The world was fair and just, so it couldn’t be that Alice wasn’t coming back. There had to be a cure for a disease that’s symptoms are a lack of motion and absence of breath. Somewhere in Austin’s massive library there was the proper fix for death and Alice would just have to keep for a while longer.

It occurred to Austin that his father had died and his mother had followed suit four years after. Austin shrugged off the troubling notions these facts birthed knowing that his parents were not Alice. Alice had to live, if Alice was to die the world would surely shatter and dissipate into the cosmos. There was just no surviving the post Alice era. Austin wouldn’t even want to try.

Mandrake root, newt’s eye and virgin’s blood were of no avail, same with all the terrible concoctions he had created. There was no power left in these books. Austin would send off for better books but for the time, there was nothing to be done. All he could do was be comfort for the dear departed. He walked up to her and slowly slid down the wall she was propped against. Sitting down, he remembered that her eyes use to be blue. They use to be there in her head but these thing fall apart as we get older. Still, Austin did doubt that Alice would actually want to be a skeleton.