Just A Little Candle, Just A Little Tip

Do you remember how it goes? Do you know how it starts? I can, they told me. It starts with a candle. Actually, it starts with an electricity bill that doesn’t get paid and then candles. Candles were lit everywhere, we thought it was so rustic and the light they cast was beautiful. The Indian summer was running it’s course and we thought we were actually pretty lucky. It was so wonderful outside.

Mommy had to work, seems like Mommy always has to work but that night Mommy had a graveyard shift and she couldn’t just leave because the electricity was out. So, Mommy put herself behind glass so people couldn’t hurt her. You remember the glass right? You didn’t like the glass. It was between me and you and you didn’t like it. Well anyways, Mom had to help people get their coffee and smokes. It’s very important that they get their coffee and smokes.

Daddy must have tucked you in. I wish I was there to tell you good night. At some point, someone hit something and a candle fell down. By the time I got home, you were gone and so was Daddy and Lisa. Shelly was staying at a friend’s house. They tell me that you probably just stayed asleep. The smoke rose and you just went away. You went away and so did everyone else. I’m pretty sure they’re wrong, cause I think I remember hearing you all, I think I heard when you left while I was behind the glass.

Well, I still have Shelly, so it’s going to be at least eight years until I can see you again.