Blotto, Before The Bride

It’s just the smallest of drips that starts down the tree. Emil sits at the bottom of the trunk where he’s sleeps off the remains of a hangover. There is five minutes between the drop and the drunk and it’s just enough time to end a dream. Of course dreams being involuntary actions refuse to be timed. It’s actually as he rises inside the totally legal cheerleader that he is awoken by the drip of water.

In truth, Emil wishes to return to the time before when he was warm and loved but there are police about and police don’t like Emil. It’s time for Emil to rise on to his feet whiskey dick and all and try for the local fastfood establishment. It takes three minutes but amazingly he’s got his wallet and everything, including all his tuxedo and his newly earned wedding ring.

“Oh right.”

And then he runs toward the Hyatt where his honeymoon awaits. Khadija is amazingly patient all told, he is able to stop the bleeding within five minutes.