The Fire And The King Crayon

The pair of boxer briefs he was wearing had beautiful night watch plaid pattern but that really wasn’t all Miles wanted in life. Sadly, the fire enveloping his house and all his possessions were leaving him with little other stuff to hold onto. For once, Miles was glad Shelly had the children. Miles, the dog and the scotch were sleeping abroad tonight as the firefighters worked impotently to save their house. Miles saluted their effort and slowly laid down in the grass. Scout licked his left ear as a rottweiler is wont to do. The onlookers continued gawking at the glorious sight into the night. The sun revealed his house to being oh so many charred cinders. There among the bits and the pieces of the kitchen was a large wad of wax. It was a 120 crayons magnificently wadded into a beautiful rainbow right in the heat duct. Miles was very glad Shelly had the children.