The Romance Of The War Criminals

As the fire finally died, Linton looked down at the huge gaping lack of a city. 400,00 souls all dead and made indistinguishable from their house. From dust we come and to dust we go but still it didn’t seem quite fair. The screams would not leave, nor the flailing of the soon to die, or worst of all the delicious terrible smell. Every damn bit was there inside him etched into his bones. Barbara on the other hand, had stars in her eyes

Linton became lost in the deep blue lakes surrounding her pupils. He gained his orientation and slowly pulled back but it was his will greatly taxxed. There she was 5’7, stuffed with eight miles of sunshine. She was moving with a bounce in her step that was slightly unbecoming of the usually sad and distant woman. Before he could really say anything she was going back into the city with her 9mm hoping to pick of anyone who might have survived.

“We’re forever now Linton! They’ll always remember us.”

All she ever wanted was to make her mark. After twenty crates of various ammunitions, five tons of Semtex and one low yield nuclear warhead they had done just that. All the slaughter was worth it if only to see Barbara happy. Sure one day he would hang and fall to Hell but he had witnessed Heaven on this Earth. Few could make that claim.

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  1. Carson Margedant
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 08:23:45

    It’s a love story about genocide and I’m not surprised that I wrote it. I apologize for any of you that I may have offended by this but at least you have fair warning that I will dive into deepest depths of dead baby humor at any given time. Luckily, you probably didn’t read it and therefore weren’t offended. Really it’s a good call on your part to do so.
    In my studies of war crimes and genocide, I’ve found out that genocide isn’t necessarily considered a war crimes. This is highly contested consideration however because it hinges on an insane formality. Most of the time to be charged as a war criminal, you have to declare war. There is such a thing as a war of aggression, which is basically ipso facto war but that requires a 9/10 decision in the league of nations which no longer exists (there may be precedent in the UN but I don’t know it). All this being said, genocide is indeed considered an international crime, along with crimes against humanity and crimes of war. In fact, if you actually are convicted with genocide you will probably get a harsher sentence than most war crimes. Of course, this is all sort of mirky as international law tends to have problems with international politics, more so than there state or federal equivalents if you can believe it.
    Sober commentary for a silly story about terrible things.


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