An Oligarchy of Crows, An Allthing of Pidgeons, A Monarchy of Blue Jays

“I’m telling you, it’s a parliament.”

“Actually they’re are a few names for a group of owls. My favorite is silence but it’s sort of irrelevant.”

“Why is that?”

“How many times are you going to see a plurality of owls?”

“Well right now, for instance.”

If Todd had happened to be more aware of his surrounding, he’d have realized there were more than five dozen owls in the barn along with Anthony and himself. All those glowing eyes were staring at the two humans. This was probably why Anthony had brought up the subject of owls in the first place.

“We are a congress actually and we are in session. As you do not have the floor, I must ask you to please be quiet as we have important work to complete.”

The barn owl was quite polite and stately in his demeanor. Never ones to deny the democratic process, Tony and Todd found seats and quietly watched the 152nd Owl Senate proceeded through another night of lawmaking. It’s amazing how much more interesting CSPAN is when it is being conducted by owls. Halfway through the next day Todd and Tony left, having only so much patience for filibuster.

Todd would later recall how he had seen the barn owl before he had become President Owl, working closely with Prime Minister Owl and under the watchful eye of the international bird community.