The 25,678 night: The Fry Cook’s Tale

When dealing with jinn, it is best to be cautious and never rude. Most of all don’t give Jinn ideas as they are bored and while not as powerful as God, who is merciful and just, they are more able than a man can comprehend. If you come across a jinn, simply politely greet them and walk away with your head as empty as you can muster. Kareem Ibn John Johnson was a young man and can be forgiven for some of his transgressions for he was ignorant but kind. The basketball left the court at Brookside Park and as Kareem went to pick it up he beheld a woman the quality of which he had never seen. Her eyes were the color of honey wine, and he was reminded that he hadn’t been drunk since he had found Islam some three years ago. As he stared down her long black body he was drunk sure enough. Her black silky hair fell down her shoulders and the purple dress she wore seemed to forget to be from time to time, revealing pointed breasts. There was also fire, or maybe just the hint thereof. She came up to him and they embraced. It was warm and pleasurable and for a time Kareem knew bliss. Sadly the time ended and he was left in Cairo, an ocean from his home. The poor girl had never mastered longitude or latitude. He began to recite a few verses as he tried desperately to find a means to call home.

Ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone.

It’s not warm when she’s away.