The Ghost In The Inbox

Zachary Smith is an echo inside the social networks. Zachary Ewing hasn’t been Zachary Smith for five years coming this march but Zachary Smith still exists online where his friends speak often to him. He’s got a girlfriend right now and three others claim to be his girl but he’s a silent partner in these affairs. He’s a silent partner in all the affairs of his friends.

Kyle Waters had brain cancer and unfair expectations of his dead father. He would dish out upon Smith’s untouched inbox every week. Every Thursday he’d speak of how sad it was that he didn’t have his father to hold his hand. His mother had exited earlier and for thirty years Kyle Waters ans his father lived together. At the age of 35, Waters had ZacharySmith@####.%%% who he knew in high school. He’s better now and he knows who to attribute.

Margaret Sherwood had always been big girl and it hurt. The pain moved down her back and down her knees. Deep in the back of her mind she kept every insult that had ever been thrown at her. From pig to whale, she knew them all and would from time to time tell Zack1985 about the terrible things they called her over instant messaging which never really went through.

Sarah Birmingham wants to kill her husband Paul and she doesn’t know why. She tells ZeZackster all about the strange way he clicks his jaw and the knives she bought. Her fantasies are always violent bloody moments, which leave almost before they have begin. Sarah’s pretty sure she’d never kill Paul as he is the father of her two children and as close to perfect as she can stand. It’s just nice having someone that doesn’t try to write her problems off on work or stress.

Elliot is secretly homosexual, Jennifer still plays with fire, Sherman just hates the Irish and Billy, Billy just keeps on smacking himself. They all tell there problems to Zachary Smith and sometimes Zachary Ewing looks in on the inboxes of his old identities. He doesn’t respond, he doesn’t know how.

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