The Ghost In The Inbox

Zachary Smith is an echo inside the social networks. Zachary Ewing hasn’t been Zachary Smith for five years coming this march but Zachary Smith still exists online where his friends speak often to him. He’s got a girlfriend right now and three others claim to be his girl but he’s a silent partner in these affairs. He’s a silent partner in all the affairs of his friends.

Kyle Waters had brain cancer and unfair expectations of his dead father. He would dish out upon Smith’s untouched inbox every week. Every Thursday he’d speak of how sad it was that he didn’t have his father to hold his hand. His mother had exited earlier and for thirty years Kyle Waters ans his father lived together. At the age of 35, Waters had ZacharySmith@####.%%% who he knew in high school. He’s better now and he knows who to attribute.

Margaret Sherwood had always been big girl and it hurt. The pain moved down her back and down her knees. Deep in the back of her mind she kept every insult that had ever been thrown at her. From pig to whale, she knew them all and would from time to time tell Zack1985 about the terrible things they called her over instant messaging which never really went through.

Sarah Birmingham wants to kill her husband Paul and she doesn’t know why. She tells ZeZackster all about the strange way he clicks his jaw and the knives she bought. Her fantasies are always violent bloody moments, which leave almost before they have begin. Sarah’s pretty sure she’d never kill Paul as he is the father of her two children and as close to perfect as she can stand. It’s just nice having someone that doesn’t try to write her problems off on work or stress.

Elliot is secretly homosexual, Jennifer still plays with fire, Sherman just hates the Irish and Billy, Billy just keeps on smacking himself. They all tell there problems to Zachary Smith and sometimes Zachary Ewing looks in on the inboxes of his old identities. He doesn’t respond, he doesn’t know how.

The Abridged And Fragmented Eulogy to Amanda and An Unkown Octopus

Unbeknownst to most people octopus live for ten years. In this time they are born, they feed, they breed, they die. It seems wrong for me to abridge a ten year long life of a creature smart enough to be able conceal themselves as cacti but mostly I’m one of the unbeknownst. I’m trying to learn more about them but right now, because I want to stop abridging so much of so many things.

Amanda was born in May and died in November and I loved her very much. She had auburn (that’s brown right?) hair and black eyes. I remember the first time I met her in the pharmacy. That was when she was fourteen, two years ago. I knew that if I kissed her right then that we would be forever. Obviously, I didn’t and I know I’m silly for even thinking that would work but I didn’t do it.

She had this weird secret little smile that you had to know her to be able to see an I always got the strangest sense of satisfaction from seeing it every night. And yeah, I’m sorry it was pretty much every night. Even when she was sick, even when she was drying. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t kiss her that time and we weren’t immortal.

Can someone else talk please?

The 25,678 night: The Fry Cook’s Tale

When dealing with jinn, it is best to be cautious and never rude. Most of all don’t give Jinn ideas as they are bored and while not as powerful as God, who is merciful and just, they are more able than a man can comprehend. If you come across a jinn, simply politely greet them and walk away with your head as empty as you can muster. Kareem Ibn John Johnson was a young man and can be forgiven for some of his transgressions for he was ignorant but kind. The basketball left the court at Brookside Park and as Kareem went to pick it up he beheld a woman the quality of which he had never seen. Her eyes were the color of honey wine, and he was reminded that he hadn’t been drunk since he had found Islam some three years ago. As he stared down her long black body he was drunk sure enough. Her black silky hair fell down her shoulders and the purple dress she wore seemed to forget to be from time to time, revealing pointed breasts. There was also fire, or maybe just the hint thereof. She came up to him and they embraced. It was warm and pleasurable and for a time Kareem knew bliss. Sadly the time ended and he was left in Cairo, an ocean from his home. The poor girl had never mastered longitude or latitude. He began to recite a few verses as he tried desperately to find a means to call home.

Ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone.

It’s not warm when she’s away.

Man’s Last Dance

We just leave those tall buildings behind us one day and walk until darkness covers the world. In the dark, we lose ourselves and we are happy to do so. Our convictions and peccadilloes fall down to the dirt along with our clothes. There is no past nor future, just motion. We stay in this motion until we fall down and finally succumb. This is how we end, a thousand cities dead and naked in the woods. It’s happier than it sounds.

An Oligarchy of Crows, An Allthing of Pidgeons, A Monarchy of Blue Jays

“I’m telling you, it’s a parliament.”

“Actually they’re are a few names for a group of owls. My favorite is silence but it’s sort of irrelevant.”

“Why is that?”

“How many times are you going to see a plurality of owls?”

“Well right now, for instance.”

If Todd had happened to be more aware of his surrounding, he’d have realized there were more than five dozen owls in the barn along with Anthony and himself. All those glowing eyes were staring at the two humans. This was probably why Anthony had brought up the subject of owls in the first place.

“We are a congress actually and we are in session. As you do not have the floor, I must ask you to please be quiet as we have important work to complete.”

The barn owl was quite polite and stately in his demeanor. Never ones to deny the democratic process, Tony and Todd found seats and quietly watched the 152nd Owl Senate proceeded through another night of lawmaking. It’s amazing how much more interesting CSPAN is when it is being conducted by owls. Halfway through the next day Todd and Tony left, having only so much patience for filibuster.

Todd would later recall how he had seen the barn owl before he had become President Owl, working closely with Prime Minister Owl and under the watchful eye of the international bird community.

The Romance Of The War Criminals

As the fire finally died, Linton looked down at the huge gaping lack of a city. 400,00 souls all dead and made indistinguishable from their house. From dust we come and to dust we go but still it didn’t seem quite fair. The screams would not leave, nor the flailing of the soon to die, or worst of all the delicious terrible smell. Every damn bit was there inside him etched into his bones. Barbara on the other hand, had stars in her eyes

Linton became lost in the deep blue lakes surrounding her pupils. He gained his orientation and slowly pulled back but it was his will greatly taxxed. There she was 5’7, stuffed with eight miles of sunshine. She was moving with a bounce in her step that was slightly unbecoming of the usually sad and distant woman. Before he could really say anything she was going back into the city with her 9mm hoping to pick of anyone who might have survived.

“We’re forever now Linton! They’ll always remember us.”

All she ever wanted was to make her mark. After twenty crates of various ammunitions, five tons of Semtex and one low yield nuclear warhead they had done just that. All the slaughter was worth it if only to see Barbara happy. Sure one day he would hang and fall to Hell but he had witnessed Heaven on this Earth. Few could make that claim.

This Life Reevaluation Seats Eight

Between the gas station and the house, Juliet looks into the depths of the grim reaper’s eyes. Light, a pair of horrible waist height lights come into Juliet’s startled eyes. The tires sound sharply as they turn away from Juliet. She’s gone and gone so fast that she can’t even really comprehend that she’s out of danger. Without thought, the minivan changes into drive 2 and barrels down the dark alley with impressive abandon. Juliet is stuck in philosophical gear. If such a gear existed for a car it would exist solely for the purpose of making donuts.

Even at home, in her bed she’s still stuck recalling dark green panels and the black wall tires. It’s not so much the sound but it’s the moment of flight before falling to the hard asphalt. It’s a little bit of obsession but mostly it’s the entirely rational fear of being broken and dying where no one can hear her. Moreover, what she’s doing is trying to imagine nothing. It’s hard because she has never seen nothing before and can’t quite understand what it looks like. The paradox reels inside her on a circular gear and it doesn’t stop.

With time it slows and she’s able to live her life again. Still it lurks, the question wounds but she heals quicker than her cuts can open. Five hours and it moves to the back of her mind. It sits there as she watches old movies and eats cereal from the box. The van is probably now in a garage resting but Juliet is awake alive and stealing time from sleep in order to celebrate her stupid trivial life which she love so dearly.


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