Walkies for the Soul

Something clicks as the leash snaps into the collar. Toby is all too happy for walkies but Malcolm has a recurring philosophical conundrum. Use to be that Malcolm was the one on the leash. For ten years, he lived in a box paid for by the state. He would, from time to time, be let out of his box for menial labor or exercise. Malcolm found that any time outside his little box was trouble and possible death. Toby disagrees wholeheartedly with this and if anything he makes the local fauna afraid instead of vice-versa.

It occurred to Malcolm that it might be wrong for him to hold Toby captive. It might be morally safer to let Toby out into this world as in truth Malcolm could not fathom how he had legal dominion over Toby . The social hierarchy apparently goes law abiding citizen> reformed criminal> yellow labrador. Malcolm is pretty sure that they were either equals or maybe Toby is a bit smarter, seeing as though check fraud had never been a thought conceived in Toby’s mind.

In the end, Malcolm’s hand is stayed by momentum. It’s strange that momentum should help Malcolm for once, instead of just leading him back to a store window. Momentum in fact leaves him back home, a 12×12 with it’s own stove and a full bathroom two doors down. He always viewed his little box as the place where he could at least be himself. His roommate is a marked improvement.

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