A Curse Deterred But Not Denied


The word sits on the table having been spat off the tip of Carlos’ tongue. It was said as they celebrated their second anniversary but the word itself had properties beyond time. He had been holding that word for the whole of their affair. June is on the verge of crying and Carlos is saying he’s sorry. That perfect jab of catharsis he had pronounced in the mirror a hundred times over was proving less satisfying and more painful.

It was almost said the moment Carlos met June but he thought better of it. She cut in line at the grocery store and Carlos was tired and feeling slighted . It wasn’t quite enough and the word dropped back into his throat. He swallowed and the word went down hard resting somewhere in his esophagus parallel to his heart. As he found her moving into the apartment adjacent, he learned that she owned a chihuahua which had a abnormally large penchant for barking. The word sank into his liver absorbing the toxins therein.

Somehow the word had found itself moving south into the land of creation. It was her hair at first; the brown frilly curls encompassing something more than a bob but less than anything else. Then it was her heavy but soft, smooth features. Finally, it was her bright green eyes. He swelled and wanted but the word still sat deep within where it mixed with lust. He would swell but she was still something to be hated, but not just hated.

Then his heart started pumping more and more with each time they met. The word was swept to his fingers and his toes far from anywhere. Carlos had thought the word had evaporated. He loved that woman, he married that woman. Then she forgot to put up the Chinese and the word came back to him. It finally came right out of his throat after she told him that two weeks and seven nights ago, she had  entertained a man named Phil.

The moment is ugly and painful but it is just that, a moment.