The Perils of Being Sexually Active in the Multiverse

It’s like standing between mirrors in a barber shop. They go on and on forever and if you should wander away, you might just find yourself in a wrong place with different laws governing your actions. There are no easy exits and each way back to you is littered with distractions and obstacles. You can only keep walking and hope you find your way back.

What I’m trying to tell you is, that’s what your Steve is facing. For the last three months, I’ve been banging you under the false pretense that I’m your universe’s Steve. Considering the large scar on my cheek and the patch over my eye, I’m sort of surprised you didn’t figure out that I’m not your Steve. Maybe, it’s just that women are stupider here.

Ha, if you meant to assault me with your libation I must point out that drinks in my universe are much more poisonous. Where are you going? I don’t have any of your universe’s money. You know I never have any of your universe ‘s money on me. I guess I’ll play with sex as is my custom.





…. Hello officer, would like some sex?