Found Art, Invented Evidence, Conceived Schadenfreude

In the back of his freezer, there is a piece of wedding cake and it’s been there since he moved in two years ago. It’s part of a story that Allen is slowly piecing together. As far as he perceives, the two were married for many years until one (the wife in most tellings) of them shoots a revolver twice at the other and misses. Allen knows that (she) misses because, he’d probably be warned about it by neighbors if otherwise.

The holes in the walls are plastered but the color is slightly different. The revolver was found under the window sill with two shots fired. If he had to guess a reason, it would be the ancient broken condom. Apparently, a married couple was having trouble with the idea of becoming a family. So much trouble was had as to come to gunfire. Still, at least they survived in this tale.

Of course, this is all speculation and Allen doesn’t really get much chance to tell the story because he doesn’t get out much. Still he has one. He also has one about the two women living down the hall and that night they tried lesbianism and found that only one was interested. Then there’s the retired firefighter two floors down who is constantly haunted by that little boy who went to ash in front of him. Everyone has such sad stories. Maybe it’s the storyteller.