Love in the Grand Scheme

I know at some point it wasn’t and then it was. It expanded and then it cooled. Slowly, stars were born, planets formed, whole solar systems came to be. Then life came to the third planet of a star on the edge of the Milky Way. Fish walked on land, birds took flight, and apes took to the innovation of thumbs. Then there were men. Sometime after that, there was us.

And we were good, so very good but we didn’t last. I remember those times when I was in you and you were holding on to my hair as if it was that if you were to let go, you would fly off. It’s strange, my first time with you was the first time I’d ever been a ground. And dear God! You were lightning, then thunder. We were always so close to violence, just breaths from ripping each other apart in order to get closer to that warmth. The storms abated and we were left to the cold.

We tried to seed the skies but the fronts came and went on their own accord and nothing we were going to do would change the wind. Sooner or later, they would come again but between those times I didn’t really know you. I tried to learn your hopes and dreams but I couldn’t. There though, in mid verb, I knew you so well. Sadly, the droughts lasted longer and longer. We drifted away from each other, into more fertile arms.

I think it’s just a matter of perspective. You were closer to me than the big bang and you seem bigger to me. Really, you’re actually just a few inches shorter than me but you tower in my mind. You’ll grow distant over time and then I’ll be able to see the stars above me and all those other wondrous bodies that our greater than my comprehension.