The Pariah of the Humane Society

If you touch the darkness, you’ll find that it has no substance. It contains no more beasts or ghouls as the light and absolutely on no account has the darkness ever had such a thing as fire. I would recommend you stay to the darkness as they can not see through shadows and you can endure neither their flames, nor their bullets.

I’m sorry son, for I have tasted their flesh and perhaps I have damned you. It is common knowledge that one does not walk among men. Your mother, being an uncommon fool attacked one and now they come for us. It was in your brother’s defense but intention does not excuse idiocy itself, only explains it. What I have done may very well have made you “fruit of the poisonous tree”, and perhaps that would be grounds enough for your execution.

So remember, if we are separated, stick to the shadows and avoid white vans. Do not trust men, for they may be kind but their thumbs make them a devious species. Above all, listen for me, listen for your brothers, listen for the dogs around you. They will warn you, guide you or maybe just remind that you are not alone.

Enough of this, we must find food and the bins are about to receive bounty.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Evelyn
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 14:00:37

    Wow. So impressive.
    I want more.


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