The Storied House

In this house, Paul is the father. Out there he is a swinging and often missing (but rarely sore) bachelor. He enjoys the chase and that strange dance. He use to call it the hunt but that would he seems to say he takes and Paul’s relationships while somewhat temporary, are symbiotic. Well, that’s outside this house. Inside this house, Paul is a host to a parasite that is draining him.

His wife is Theresa and she’s a career woman. She has lived her whole life to get to the top of a very big tower. She plans to help people up along the way, not inside the company but with charity external. She wants money because she knows that there are problems in the world that she can fix with money. She’s never liked sex, it hurts too much but inside this house, she is a wife and preforms all her wifely duties. They do not look at each other.

Their son is named Sam and he builds things. He believes that good craftsmanship is somewhere near the path to divinity. He thinks he can help, that he can build something that is good and useful. Mostly he makes electronic things that cost money because they’re allowed to cost money. He tends to forget himself and his hands forget too. He touches the soldering iron while it still smokes. He forgets to ground himself and destroys his work. He is the son and therefore he is young and forgetful.

They all have their roles to play, written in the rafters and the planks, echoing from the furnace. This is the family the house loved and these people will do their appointed tasks just fine. They have a six month lease and then a very long road back to where they were. There are however other ways out. Some nights it occurs to Sam, that if he were to loose a wire on that old television it could start a fire. He’d have to place everything precisely in the worst place. Then if everything goes just wrong, they might get to leave and resume their normal roles.

One night (not long ago) he did this and it’s sitting there unplugged; waiting for his childlike curiosity to get the better of him.

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