The Intercepted Tragedy

Mary Simpson is listening to Aydin Schlesinger but she can never say that. She can’t ever say anything. All she ever does is transcribe and translate but Aydin Schlessinger rarely speaks Turkish. Hell, if it wasn’t for an uncle with bad ties no one in the NSA would even know Aydin.


Aydin Schlesinger: Look I’m sorry.

Vanessa Capulet: I could have had a child, I wanted a child but it wasn’t right was it?


Mary really wishes she could hang up.


Aydin Schlesinger: I was 15, I was scared.

Vanessa Capulet: It wasn’t right for you. I wanted a child, I wanted our blood to go on.

Ayden Schlesinger: I can’t fix this.

Vanessa Capulet: Can you at least buy me a wig?

Ayden Schlesinger: You want a wig?

Vanessa Capulet: I don’t have any hair anymore.

Ayden Schlesinger: Okay.

Vanessa Capulet: An expensive one.

Ayden Schlesinger: Okay


Mary has a hundred likewise conversations typed down, a hundred conversations her superiors took and promptly forgot about.