Dancing For Pussies

Those eyes, those small green eyes that shined in the darkness. Mary could hear their voices in her mind and there they told her to dance. Naked and wet, she danced in that back alley for all she was worth. The voice, which was legion, would not allow her to stop. They listed the names of god: Jehova, Yahew, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Cuisinart. They repeated ad nauseum and then she puked and the process began again.

Two hours passed and Mary’s slight build and quite modest physical endowments were proving to be a mixed blessing. Sure the motions were less fatiguing but she could only hold so many calories and she would soon run out of energy. She collapsed to the ground and soon fell unconscious.

Using voice of god technology to enhance an exercise regiment was at first believed to be a gross misuse of government resources. It still is, but Ensign Mary Hobart is now ten pounds lighter so proof of theory is there enough.