The Bullet Went Backwards

The chemicals were all there, same as the parts: the eyes, the lips, the legs, the hands. Every hair was right at Thomas’s age. Three degrees from center, there was that vein of white hair streaking down. They left out the bullet in the reconstruction but perfection is overrated. After all, if the bullet was still in this Thom, he couldn’t very well hold her or kiss her. She really didn’t know if she’d tell the man in the vat about the odd circumstances of his birth. They would have to live a very sheltered life if she didn’t but maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

There was a part of Deborah that thought it was wrong to snuff out any new chances this body had. It seemed that maybe it would be murder. Then again, who wants to start out at fifty. She was already rewriting her past, already erasing the mugger and all the mess the bastard had made. The man that leaked out her hands was right before her. The memory of the bloody dripped away and soon she was sure that they were in the hospital. It was really nothing serious.

The editing software she used is included in the Deluxe Lazarus Package. It costs more than you have and it still leaves echoes.