Leaving With Company

There was nothing left in the old woman except for a will, a will deferred, a will denied. It was the type of thing that a woman might think of when looking at her winter years with regret. Slowly, Mable Evergreen 77, put on the ski mask she bought from Walmart in 1991 and loaded her husband’s shotgun. She remembered Patty Hearst and thought it all so glamorous, moreover it seemed right.

Justin Smith 65, was sitting next to her looking down the barrel of his AR-15. Finding everything in working order, he reassembled his piece. As the pin connected the receiver to the barrel, it occurred to Justin that in two years he wouldn’t even be able to put the pin back in. He sighed. Ever since Jasmine died there was a counter running down in the back of his head. One last thing on that bucket list.

“Are you seriously going to wear that?”

Justin was wearing an orange hunting vest. His blond walrus mustache was uncovered. Nothing was going to stop the media from knowing exactly what Justin Smith had done. He did however have the foresight to wear shooting glasses.

“They’re going to know who we are, we have families.”

“But I was going to keep on with my life.”

“No you weren’t.”

Mable looked down at her black dress and ruby shoes. This wasn’t what one wears everyday.  She ripped off the mask revealing a beautiful braid of silver hair. She smiled.

“I guess this is our exit.”

The two exited the Buick and closed the doors. They walked towards the entrance of Cherry Park Mall and hell followed them.