The Greatest Trophy Shop Owner in His Own Sarcastic Mind

Trophies are for winners and also for people who own trophy shops. Ned was the best trophy shop owner and the runner up and everything up to the tenth best. Around the perimeter of his living room stood the gold painted pillars he admired most. Ned toasted the shiny idol in the go kart and then drank deeply of his light beer. There were four empties crumbled on the ground and five more trophies to worship.

Strangely, the eleventh place trophy was owned by Sofia Miller of Super Awnings Incorporated. That one had a little karate guy on it. She was a modest, strange and gaudy woman. If she bought anymore trophies, Ned might just be able to stop this stupid worship and go back to eating wet dog food. The dry stuff was not doing him any favors. This was a worry for later. There was worship still to be done.

He turned his attention to the figurine depicting a very small child on a camel. Taking a voracious swig, Ned mourned another lost sale. That gentleman from Qatar was never going to return for his prize. Since the advent of robot camel jockeys there was no real need to reward the poor automatic driving devices. Just another bit of bad lack for the greatest trophy shop owner. There were still four more statues to pay homage to, they were all rocketeers. He thought that sport was taking off for sure.