At one end of a complicated assembly there lies a missile. If you follow the wire from the clamps up the fuselage into the cockpit you’ll find a man holding a stick. As he sits above enough payload to demolish the twin cities he realizes that perhaps it would be better if the computer had the will to make this decision for him.

The people of Minneapolis would agree if only he would have a discussion with them. The airport was quite talkative when the F22 entered their air space without permission, The F22 has no real opinion on the matter and no real thoughts of any kind. Andrew tries to speak to the F22 but it’s futile. Quite stubbornly the thing clings to its inanimate nature.

F16s are scrambling to his position as he keeps trying to get the fighting machine to take control of his destiny. He has kept the comm channel on as he cooed and coaxed the fighter jet in hopes of relieving himself of his actions. Truth is, if his metal betters were not going to answer him this treason was just about pointless.

Carefully, he descends into the MSP airport. Andrew takes off his helmet and allows himself a sigh. As he sits in the cockpit whiling away the seconds before arrest, he thinks how much nicer this bird would be without him. He didn’t even remember holding the gun. The slide moves back and the glass turns red.