Turn Off, Work, Turn On

Love was on hold with all other emotions. These holds were getting longer and longer. Victoria was thinking about installing a button behind her right ear so she could toggle her emotions more easily. Without need of the adjustment chair, she could just turn off when a driver rode her bumper or a customer demanded a refund for used food. She could turn on when she saw roses or butterflies.

No, this way was easier to get through. You never know when an inconvenient memory might change one’s mood and ruin even the sunniest of days. No, this way was better: 9-5 robot, 5-9 human being.


“Cash or credit?”


“Paper or plastic?”


“Would you like the whole till or just the denominations of a dollar and more?”


The adjustment chair was at home with all it’s knobs and lights. All those customizable settings that could give you so many specific emotions and yet Victoria used the thing to just turn hers off. It was so wasteful, in fact it occurred to her that having the thing on at all was pretty wasteful so she unplugged it. It’s actually a pretty good place to keep ones clothes for the next day.

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