Manyara Was Bitten by the Sky

The night was coffee for the soul, black and thick with rising steam. Manyara was more awake now than she had ever been prior. It was an ache, a burn or maybe a bite but ultimately it was past and the future was in front of her. If she kept moving east she’d get home where there was alcohol to numb, a door for locking and a bed sheet to make all the bad things go away.

These type of wounds don’t tend to go away. In fact, most people keep the little biters with them as a sort of ipso facto memento of the scariest moment of there lives. However, Manyara was pretty sure that if she walked enough the thing would just leave. With each step she pressed herself harder towards the house where the ice cream lived and the shower was hot. The pain didn’t matter, she was sure if she could just make it…

Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.

The house was getting closer with every step and the cookies and cream in the freezer began to seem like a good substitute for a shower. The bite was a nagging, grating thing that grew more tedious with every step. Switching gears, she decided that the best course of action was to lean on a brick wall in vague hope of eventual relief. A passerby noticed the hobbling woman and called 911 who picked her up 3 minutes and 5 feet later where she had collapsed due to leaking.

Two blocks to the north a man named Tom had missed and died because of it. Manyara did slightly better that night but the curve was not that impressive.

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