The Salvation Of Our Public Schools Lies In Cyborgs

The new children come with Ethernet cards integrated. It takes about four years for the RJ-48 port to fully develop but when they do the hope is that they will download the pertinent information.. We’ll soon be experimenting with wifi but I’m not so sure that it’s a good idea; the kids might get tired searching for a signal. Really, you’d think it would be easier just to improve our school systems but test scores have to go up and we have funding for gene therapy and drastic surgery.

Sometimes while working all night over a hot overclocked baby, I start to wonder if this progress is worth it. Then the baby pees on me and I know that the cooling system is still working. I can usually install a 2.8ghz dual core in them, but if they’re being fussy I have to scale back to just a hyperthreaded processor. I can only hope that all the babies I give back to the world use the pdfs I endowed them with wisely and hopefully find solace in knowing that they are all quite formidable home theater setups.

It’s the small things really,