What She Was Fighting For

The guy beside Lydia wasn’t enough, neither was the guy on the other side. She had to have a guy at home too. As long as she had him back home, she could focus on the guys beside her. If she didn’t have Jeremy’s warm body waiting for her at home, she’d just up and die. You don’t have to do much to die here. The convoy came to a halt and Lydia realized this was her stop. She held her M16 closely to her, moving the locket holding Jer’s photo closer still to her heart. He would stay there forever an ever.

A Curse Deterred But Not Denied


The word sits on the table having been spat off the tip of Carlos’ tongue. It was said as they celebrated their second anniversary but the word itself had properties beyond time. He had been holding that word for the whole of their affair. June is on the verge of crying and Carlos is saying he’s sorry. That perfect jab of catharsis he had pronounced in the mirror a hundred times over was proving less satisfying and more painful.

It was almost said the moment Carlos met June but he thought better of it. She cut in line at the grocery store and Carlos was tired and feeling slighted . It wasn’t quite enough and the word dropped back into his throat. He swallowed and the word went down hard resting somewhere in his esophagus parallel to his heart. As he found her moving into the apartment adjacent, he learned that she owned a chihuahua which had a abnormally large penchant for barking. The word sank into his liver absorbing the toxins therein.

Somehow the word had found itself moving south into the land of creation. It was her hair at first; the brown frilly curls encompassing something more than a bob but less than anything else. Then it was her heavy but soft, smooth features. Finally, it was her bright green eyes. He swelled and wanted but the word still sat deep within where it mixed with lust. He would swell but she was still something to be hated, but not just hated.

Then his heart started pumping more and more with each time they met. The word was swept to his fingers and his toes far from anywhere. Carlos had thought the word had evaporated. He loved that woman, he married that woman. Then she forgot to put up the Chinese and the word came back to him. It finally came right out of his throat after she told him that two weeks and seven nights ago, she had  entertained a man named Phil.

The moment is ugly and painful but it is just that, a moment.

A Post Mortem User and a Poor Host

I can’t, I’m sorry. I can’t just just dig you up and pull you out of there. I don’t even know if you have bones, muscles or anything. Judging by local customs, you’re probably ash. At best your an echo which is probably wishful thinking and even so, that’s a little depressing to me because it makes me think that when I end I’ll echo. Tell you the truth, I don’t think I know you. If I ever meet Tom, I’ll tell him you love him. Although I’m looking under your name and I’m seeing that you died in 1948 so there’s good money that Tom is buried somewhere too. I’m sorry, I’m not Tom and I can’t help you anyway.

All I can do is talk and I’m not too comfortable doing that really. Still, I have time before they pick me up, so here I am alone and talking to someone who’s not really here. I guess I feel obligated since I’m here and I’m listening to you scream “Help me Tom, I love you.” over and over again. You know actually, it occurs to me that maybe you don’t love Tom, maybe your just desperate. Maybe you just want Tom to help you and then you’d just leave.

I’m turning off the directional mic and I think I’m just going to wait for my ride in silence. I’m not about to keep talking to a ghost that I think is lying. Anyways, you might just be my imagination.

Above All, Remember That Nancy Is A Bitch

“Do you remember Nancy?”

“I don’t like Nancy.”

“That’s okay, but do you remember her.”

“Yeah, I remember her.”

“Where did you meet her.”

“I met her in the mall.”

“Like in the food court?”

“No, like a large grass field. How do you not know this?”

“You have to know this.”

“And you don’t?”

“What did she do?”

“She slapped me, because I was staring at her cleavage. I wasn’t.”

“What time was it?”

“She never apologized.”

“But what time was it?”

“Why are we doing this?”

“We need to remember this, because if we forget this they can fill the time in with new memories. You can’t let them take your memories. You have to fight it.”

“I don’t want to fight.”

“But you want to be you, right?”

“I do like me.”

“If you let them take today, they’ll take tomorrow too. Then after they’ve taken enough days, they’ll start telling you all about your new past. Then you are whatever they want you to be. What time did you meet Nancy?”

“I don’t know.”

“You looked down at your watch. I know you’re tired, they haven’t let you sleep but you have to look down and read what’s in front of you.”

“It was noon.”

“When did they reacquire you.”

“About 15 minutes later.”

“Now we have somewhere to stand.”

“What if I’m wrong?”

“Then you at least chose your past.”

“What if they cho..”

“Who is your mother?”

“Samantha Slate.”

“Who is your father?”

“Jared Slate.”

“Who is Nancy?”

“A bitch.”

“Open your eyes and keep all of what you can. Never ever let on to this.”

The 25,678 night: The Fry Cook’s Tale

When dealing with jinn, it is best to be cautious and never rude. Most of all don’t give Jinn ideas as they are bored and while not as powerful as God, who is merciful and just, they are more able than a man can comprehend. If you come across a jinn, simply politely greet them and walk away with your head as empty as you can muster. Kareem Ibn John Johnson was a young man and can be forgiven for some of his transgressions for he was ignorant but kind. The basketball left the court at Brookside Park and as Kareem went to pick it up he beheld a woman the quality of which he had never seen. Her eyes were the color of honey wine, and he was reminded that he hadn’t been drunk since he had found Islam some three years ago. As he stared down her long black body he was drunk sure enough. Her black silky hair fell down her shoulders and the purple dress she wore seemed to forget to be from time to time, revealing pointed breasts. There was also fire, or maybe just the hint thereof. She came up to him and they embraced. It was warm and pleasurable and for a time Kareem knew bliss. Sadly the time ended and he was left in Cairo, an ocean from his home. The poor girl had never mastered longitude or latitude. He began to recite a few verses as he tried desperately to find a means to call home.

Ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone.

It’s not warm when she’s away.

His Erroneus Erogenus Zones

In the rain, we forgot ourselves and lived only with in the confines our hot love. Outside there was war and strife but inside there was me, working my way down her neck, licking every cell of skin. She was salty and soft and warm.

I swelled as my fingers touched the small of her back. I knew that soon I would enter her and we would be as one. While she writhed on the mattress, I lifted her slightly and moved in almost robotic thrusting pattern. It was a technique my father taught me. It is supposed to excite the member over and over again.

Alas, the technique failed me and after two minutes I was satiated. Not wanting to leave her without pleasure, I began to stimulate her…. digitally. My finger found it’s mark soon after engaging in the most intense game of hot and cold I had ever witnessed. She was happy ecstatic really and everything was going real well.

Then I bit her leg. I knew right then and there that I had crossed a line. I apologized but she had the gall to call me a cannibal. I pointed out that I am green, scaly and from a different planet but she was having none of it. So gentleman that I am, I left out into the rain.

I was hungry damn it. I know what I did was wrong but damn it, it’s common knowledge that men from Garrius II need protein mid coitus. Every time I tried to reach for the beef jerky, she just got pissed.

Anyways officer, I’ll move along. Sorry, I was just a little miffed.

Hey have you seen a size 60 trench coat anywhere? I thought I left it on her porch but I can’t find it, hate to get in trouble for indecent exposure too. Pretty sure I can’t go to taco hut without it, damn it.