She Turned Back to the Leech She Left Behind

Sitting inside the plunger, the handle is not attached. The place where the handle should meet the actual plunger has been sacrificed for a crude but brutal point. The broken tile that Charlotte used to sharpen the point still sits behind the toilet where Manny never thinks to look. Not that Manny would ever think that Charlotte could come against him. She so small and he’s quite more than her.

Mothers warn your children, don’t do what Charlotte has done. Don’t fall for big wide muscular men with smiles that reveal big white fangs. If a girl should meet a man such as Manny, she should run and if he should take her and if he should drink her, she should run again when she can. If she should run and stay gone, she should never turn back and think of how the next Charlotte might lose another four years this terrible creature. Since Charlotte already did, she had no choice but to go home.

He took her back with open arms and cut open a vein and drank her like she was a 5 gallon box of wine. A girl can learn to do with less and blood is no exception. With a wicked headache, she partook of orange juice and cookies. Snacks done, she got to making herself a stake. For two months she has slowly whittled and she has a point now, she’s getting up after another drain. She stronger than he thinks and he’s about to be a damn sight less eternal than he use to be.

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