Prince Edward Dies in a Hail of Britannia

The bolt moved forward; there was a hand involved but it didn’t feel like the hand had anything to do with it. 70 shells sunk in the snow and it wasn’t done quite yet. It’s the automatically firing Enfield that happens to have a human component. Megan wasn’t as much aiming as she was pointing at the crowd. They just kept coming, the drooling masses with outstretched fingers and long nails. Moaning and groaning, they were done with their minds and willing to just rip into anything that happened to still be using intellect. She use to keep her distance but then a mixture of home sick and pissed found her back on the island. Three more clips, 40 nasty angry people that had lost their minds. This wasn’t going to last but if she kept on Megan might make it to the manic minute, the magic 100 in 60 seconds. Then Valhalla would follow.

All around the world, humanity is leaving and the grander the exit the better.

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